From: "Jami Preston" | 迷惑メールとして対処 | アドレスブックに追加
To: (めるあどにつき非掲載)
Subject: Fw: recumbent
Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 17:47:27 -0800

I was right, I told ya so - heres the link.
You can file share dvd's, video games & music. I had found at least 33
CD's on there that I wanted.
I can't wait for you to see this - it's amazing.
Theres areas in the website that have walkthroughs on how to burn your
selections to CD.
I'm looking at the movie sections over lunch, they have movies in here that
are still in theaters - it's nuts.
I'll talk to you soon.


subjectのFw: recumbentってのがすごいです。マニア度の高いスパムです。リカンベントを転送します?